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 Title: CORE Info
About Halvik Corp (formerly SSB, Inc)
Halvik Corp absorbed SSB, Inc. in November 2018 and took over CORE operations at that time. Halvik is a versatile organization offering services that include Logistics, Digital Services, Advanced Analytics, Data Management, System Engineering, and Network Security Training. Halvik has also been providing online training since 1995, helping to bring the to the Law Enforcement and Corrections communities user-friendly online training. To learn more about our company, visit our comprehensive website at
Save Training Dollars
Today's Law Enforcement and Correctional facilities are experiencing a tightening of the budget belt and CORE offers an effective alternative to instructor-led cognitive training. While officers will always require hands-on training, the CORE system frees the trainer to focus more on this aspect of training. The unlimited online training is priced at a per user per year basis and is never more than $100 per person. As the number of users on the contract increases, the cost decreases to an amazing $35 per person per year. Considering that the Learning Management System that is included with the program, the program pays for itself in no time at all.
Available 24/7
Gathering students to one location is no longer necessary for cognitive training. Students can learn any hour of the day from any computer with Internet access. Facilities in multiple locations can access the same material, providing consistency in training. For a list of available courses and to preview the CORE site, visit and enter our Demo area.
Customization of Courses
We will customize our courses for your facility at no extra charge. We will also format your courses for online use free of charge. All we ask is that the material is copyright-free so we can share the material with other facilities using the CORE system. Everyone benefits from this sharing of quality material.
Learning Management System
Our integrated Learning Management System (LMS) keeps track of all student course information and offers the Training Coordinator real-time report generation. Offline course information can also be entered through a user-friendly interface. While many companies charge thousands of dollars for their LMS alone, CORE includes this record keeping with the courses at no additional charge.
How to Get CORE
CORE is available to any facility with 10 or more users. We will send you a list of courses to select from and a User Spreadsheet for all your user information. Contracts are based on an annual training cycle and the contract can be for one to three years. Contact Jim Blake for pricing and further information at:
CORE c/o Halvik Corp
1600 Spring Hill Road, Suite 240
Vienna, VA 22182
Halvik Corp



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